Aug,2021 Volume : 2, Article : 14
Agricultural Current Affairs 2021
Author : Aiswarya S, Bhagirath Das, Poulami Ray, Saikat Maji, Shantanu Rakshit , Subrata Gorain, Sougata Bhattacharjee, Suman Sen, Debashis Paul

    Food and Scientific Reports (FSR) was initiated to create a medium for communication and discussion of important issues that concern food, agriculture, horticulture, animal science, fishery, veterinary, and other life sciences...

May,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 21
Implications of COVID-19 for Indian Dairy Sector
Author : Gunjan Bhandari and Ravishankar K.M.

Emergence of COVID-19 and the restrictive measures imposed by different countries for controlling it have given a strong jolt to the entire global economy. Dairy is one of the most vulnerable sectors for these disruptions owing to its chara...

May,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 10
Pedagogical innovations for agricultural teaching amid lockdown
Author : Nandini Roy and Soumojit Majumder

The global pandemic of COVID 19 has triggered a notable gap between the teaching and learning process. Social distancing has drawn an invisible line around us and has restricted us from exchanging practical as well as theoretical knowledge....

May,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 8
Fodder and Livestock Sector in India During COVID-19 Lock Down: Possible Impacts and Mitigation Strategies
Author : D R Palsaniya and Aniruddha Maity

Livestock sector is crutial for the rural economy, especially for the small and marginal farmers as it contributes not only to the income and employment but also to their best insurance against any natural calamities. The present COVID-19 p...

May,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 7
Possible impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Education Sector in India
Author : Vaishali Bokde (Kharbikar), H.L. Kharbikar, M.L. Roy, Pratibha Joshi and Atheequlla G.A.

COVID-19 virus has spread all over the world including India. This corona virus pandemic has radically disrupted all the sectors including education sector, which affects the socio-economic conditions of the people and education system. The...

May,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 4
Digital options for agricultural teaching during worldwide COVID-19 lockdown
Author : Mukesh Choudhary, Deep Mohan Mahala, Pushpendra Koli and Aniruddha Maity

The lockdown has changed the lifestyle of billions of people in the earth. The way of education has now become more online and gadget centric. Hundreds of digital education tools have been created/explored with the purpose of giving autonom...

Apr,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 25
Impact of Lockdown on Increasing Rates of Cyber Crime
Author : Sanchita Naha, Md. Ashraful Haque

The entire country is exposed to an unprecedented viral infection, where staying at home and social distancing became the only solution to control the spread of the virus. While, majority of the people are trying to maintain the norms, they...

Apr,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 24
COVID-19: Genome Sequencing and Detection
Author : Sonam S. Kale, Kishor P. Panzade, Narendra R. Chavan

Genome sequencing and annotation of the SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) is necessary to study their origin, evolution, mode of action, pathogenicity, and for their detection, diagnosis and production of vaccines. The genome s...

Apr,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 23
Maharashtra under Lockdown: Challenges and Opportunities through Advisories to the Farmers on Outbreak of Covid-19
Author : M.S. Raghuvanshi, R.A. Marathe, R.K. Naitam, H.L. Kharbikar, Lalchand Malav, A. Daripa

Indian agriculture is plagued by several problems. Some of them are natural and others are manmade. But none this times is like the coronavirus lockdown which has an adverse effect on the agriculture sector in India. The nationwide lockdown...

Apr,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 12
Effect of Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Outbreak on Indian Agriculture: An overview through News Reports amid Nationwide Lockdown
Author : Saikat Maji, Shantanu Rakshit and Dinata Roy

ABSTACT The new pandemic COVID-19 is now creating havoc throughout the world. In India, though the rate of infection is still slow but the effect arising from the pandemic is gradually entrenching into the economic system. As a preventive ...