Jun , 2021
Volume : 2, Article : 11
Clay minerals for sustainable removal of heavy metals from contaminated water
Author : Raj Mukhopadhyay , Ram Kishor Fagodiya

ABSTRACT The indiscriminate use of synthetic chemicals like pesticides, fertilizer and herbicide in industries and crop fields contaminated the surface and groundwater bodies significantly. Clay minerals are widely available, natural and l...

Volume : 2, Article : 10
Coral Gardening: A novel technique to manage and conserve the degraded coral habitat
Author : Suman Nama and Sahina Akter

ABSTRACT Coral is the most spectacular underwater creation of nature. Aquarium enthusiasts are overexploiting the corals for aquarium. They use live rock, corals, and associated products to enhance marine aquaria`s aesthetics value. These ...

Volume : 2, Article : 9
Aquaponics: Toward a Sustainable Multi-trophic Production of Fish and Vegetables
Author : Jaspreet Singh, Arpita Narayan, Md Imran Rafique, Kamal Sarma, Tarkeshwar Kumar, Ahirwal SK and Bharti V

ABSTRACT Aquaponics represents the bio-integration of hydroponics and aquaculture systems, where, fish, microbes , and plants grow together and form an eco-friendly aquatic environment. Aquaponics conserve the eco-biodiversity through sust...

Volume : 2, Article : 8
Salt affected soils and their management for sustainable agriculture under climate change scenario
Author : Raj Mukhopadhyay

ABSTRACT Soil salinity is considered as one of world’s major land degradation component. The pace of salinity development is increasing day by day due to ill effects of climate change. Hence, sustainable management strategies are ess...

Volume : 2, Article : 7
Dynamics of coral symbiosis and immune response against abiotic and biotic stress
Author : Jancy Robina A, Bharathi Rathinam R, Sangeetha S, and Abuthagir Iburahim S

ABSTRACT Coral reef ecosystem constitutes one of the largest ecosystems of the world harboring several micro-communities of algal and bacterial symbionts. From a historical point of view, coral reefs emerge as the most resilient and persis...

Volume : 2, Article : 6
Alleopathic potential and medicinal uses of Agropyron repens in Cold Arid Ladakh
Author : Raghuvanshi MS, Anurag Saxena, Stanzin Landol, JigmatStanzin, Latika Pandey, Mohd Raza

ABSTRACT Agropyron repens is native from temperate Europe to Central Asia and is now documented in Ladakh valleys. It is a weedy species in crops, locally known as Rampa in Ladakh, and is one of the major weeds, spoiling the crop and its y...

Volume : 2, Article : 5
Prevailing agroforestry systems in Samastipur district of Bihar: A brief report from an exploratory survey
Author : Nongmaithem Raju Singh, Raizada A, Soibam Lanabir Singh, Rajesh Kumar Meena and Ujjwal Kumar

ABSTRACT Realizing the importance of information on existing agroforestry systems, this study has been planned with a view to evaluate and develop workable management strategies for sustainable production from agroforestry practices. An ex...

Volume : 2, Article : 4
11 plants to purify home air
Author : Rakesh Kumar Pattnaik and Smaranika Mohanty

ABSTRACT The COVID pandemic makes us helpless, people facing many more problems but one of the major problems is oxygen! Lack of the oxygen cylinder is one of the major problem by which India is facing high death rates. There are some plan...

Volume : 2, Article : 2
Fisheries News Updates June 2021
Author : Meenatchi. S1, Abhijit Mallik1, Dhanalakshmi. M, Chanikya Naidu Bezawada, Anjali Kumari, Chellamanimegalai. P, Abuthagir Iburahim. S and Asha T. Landge

Highlights ·         Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted of Indian descent wins World Food Prize 2021 ·         1.48 crore Olive Ridley turtles hatc...

Volume : 2, Article : 1
Agricultural News Updates June 2021
Author : Saikat Maji and Shantanu Rakshit

  Highlights:   Locust attack imminent: Alarm raised in Rajasthan following FAO advisory COVID 19 among animals: Russia produces first batch of COVID-19 vaccine for animals for tackling the possible scenario Father of Chinese...