Jan , 2022
Volume : 3, Article : 3
MALDI-TOF MS: A Novel Tool for Rapid Detection of Plant Pathogens
Author : Nishmitha K and Chaithra M

ABSTRACT Plant disease caused by phytopathogen leads to substantial yield and economic loss. Rapid and accurate identification of the pathogen is necessary to implement control measures. Conventionally, plant pathogens are identified using...

Volume : 3, Article : 2
Fisheries News Updates January 2022
Author : Meenatchi. S, Abuthagir Iburahim. S, Anjali Kumari, Chanikya Naidu Bezawada, Chellamanimegalai.P, Dhanalakshmi. M, Abhijit Mallik, and Asha T. Landge

Highlights ➔      CIFT awarded green refrigeration project ➔      World Soil Day: December 5 ➔      Dam Safety Bill in India ➔    &nb...

Volume : 3, Article : 1
Agricultural News Updates January 2022
Author : Aiswarya S. and Bhagirath Das

Highlight  ü  DFPD issues uniform specifications for procurement of fortified rice stocks ü  NABARD join hands with ESAF Bank aiming local economic development ü  Over 1 crore unorganised workers regist...