Apr , 2020, Volume : 1 Article : 23

Maharashtra under Lockdown: Challenges and Opportunities through Advisories to the Farmers on Outbreak of Covid-19

Author : M.S. Raghuvanshi, R.A. Marathe, R.K. Naitam, H.L. Kharbikar, Lalchand Malav, A. Daripa

Indian agriculture is plagued by several problems. Some of them are natural and others are manmade. But none this times is like the coronavirus lockdown which has an adverse effect on the agriculture sector in India. The nationwide lockdown has entrenched the economic system. The sector is facing a lot of trouble with labourers and movement of goods. In this context, the people not only suffering from this pandemic, but ongoing health crisis around COVID19 has affected all walks of life, particularly agriculture and its critical period and challenges ahead coincided by agriculture harvest. JAAN HAI TO JAHAAN HAI dialogue has somehow relaxed the situations to bear this unknown task ahead. Farming community is panic due to COVID-19 coincided with harvest time matured crops, halted mandi-operations, migrated labourers and transport bottlenecks. Government has issued advisories for helping agriculture sector and farmers with opportunities. Farmers are keen with advisories following the ways.

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