Nov,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 6
Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative (SSI) Technology: Boon for Sugarcane Grower
Author : S.S.Kaushik, Prakash S. Hinge, Sachin. D. Badadhe, Lakhe M.P. and Nibe N.B.

ABSTRACT Sugar industry in India is the second largest among t...

Nov,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 5
Economics of on-farm Integrated Farming System (IFS): A Case Study
Author : Ravi K N and R N Padaria

ABSTRACT In-depth case study was documented on integrated farm...

Nov,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 4
Recent developments in the indoor air purification technology and application methods
Author : Kirti Jalgaonkar, P. Jagajanantha, A. Arputharaj, P.K. Mandhyan

ABSTRACT Indoor air quality has become as an issue of great co...

Nov,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 3
Status of arsenic extent in groundwater of eastern UP and Bihar and its harmful effects, an overview
Author : Anup Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Pawan Jeet, PK Sundaram

ABSTRACT In India first groundwater arsenic contamination was ...

Nov,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 2
Riboswitches and Regulation of Gene Expression
Author : Bandeppa S, Priyanka C, Santosh, H.B, Savitha S and Pooja V

ABSTRACT Plasticity of RNA as cis-acting regulatory molecules ...

Nov,2020 Volume : 1, Article : 1
Agricultural News Updates November 2020
Author : Bhagirath Das, Poulami Ray, Sougata Bhattacharjee, Aiswarya S,

Nobel Peace Prize 2020 awarded to World Food Programme The Nobel...