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Volume : 1, Article : 1
ARIMA Model for Time-Series Forecasting
Author : Kanchan Sinha and Anirban Mukherjee

Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) model is used to forecast future values of a series based on past values. Box-Jenkins or ARIMA model is one of the popular linear time series models and can be applied in different domain of...

Volume : 1, Article : 2
Nanotoxicity: An emerging threat to environment and human health
Author : Tridiv Ghosh and Pragati Pramanik Maity

The article deals with Nano particles and its harmful effects on environment. Nanotoxicity is current issue of science and society, which have drawn attention of scientific community. This article has summarised the different Sources of nan...

Volume : 1, Article : 3
Recent Advances in Irrigation Scheduling to enhance Agricultural Water Productivity
Author : Arti Kumari, Kumari Subha, Tanmay Kumar Koley, Akram Ahmad, Manibhushan

Irrigation plays an important role in crop production and productivity. Under climate change scenario, this article has delineated the need of advancement in irrigation scheduling technology. The advancement in irrigation technology is disc...

Volume : 1, Article : 4
Moringa oleifera : a health food for animal and human consumption
Author : Reetu, Kamini, Bhargavi, Maharishi Tomar and Kumari Subha

Moringa is a fast growing multipurpose and drought-resistant indigenous tree species. It is also called as “Miracle tree”because all the parts viz. fruits, seeds, leave and young shoots are nutritionally rich in protein, macro &...

Volume : 1, Article : 5
Overview of Changing Climate and Need of Climate Smart Technologies to Sustain Agriculture in E-IGP
Author : Manisha Tamta, Kumari Shubha, Santosh Kumar, Abhishek Kumar Dubey, Rakesh Kumar and Anirban Mukherjee

In Eastern-Indo Gangetic Plains,droughtandfloodsaremajor climatic constraints and delayed sowing of crops leads to economic losses to farming society. Climate Smart Agriculture based technologies will be an option with strong base to mitiga...

Volume : 1, Article : 6
On-Farm Water Management Practices: Needs and Future Prospects in Bihar
Author : Pawan Jeet, Akram Ahmed and Arti Kumari

Bihar is dominated with agriculture and about 77% of state population is dependent on it for their livelihood. Cropping system of Bihar is mainly dependent on rainfall. Rainfall in the state is under good conditions but their management and...

Volume : 1, Article : 7
Soil Nutrient Dynamics in Agroforestry Systems
Author : Nongmaithem Raju Singh

The presence of trees in agroforestry systems modified the ecological process due to continuous addition of litter and decomposition activities and thus makes the system more efficient in terms of nutrient cycling and nutrient availability ...

Volume : 1, Article : 8
Nutri-garden for achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Author : Kumari Shubha, Anirban Mukherjee, Shreya Anand, Tanmay Kumar Koley and Ujjwal Kumar

Nutri-gardens not only can help in improving the nutritional status of rural household but also generate small and constant source of income for women. The article has emphasized the contribution of Nutri-garden towards achieving the sustai...

Volume : 1, Article : 9
ICT based Interventions for Rural Development
Author : Shreya Anand, Satya Prakash, Ashok Kumar Singh and Sudhamini Yedida

This article has pointed out about the importance of ICT and its role in rural development. ICT has emerged as lifeline of India’s development. There are several ICT based interventions currently running in rural area. The article has...

Volume : 1, Article : 10
Iron Biogeochemistry: Effect of Iron (Fe3+) Fertilization on Global Warming
Author : Amrit Lal Meena, Nisha Lekshmi V, Chethan Kumar G, Amit Kumar, Jairam Choudhary and Lalit Krishan Meena

Iron is the fourth most abundant element and second most abundant metal in earth crust essential for plants and animals. The Fe biogeochemical cycle of agro-ecosystems involves the processes like mineralization, immobilization, oxidation, r...