Mar , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 2

Optogenetics: the emerging science and its potential

Author : Sheel Yadav, Shashi Meena & Laxmi Sharma


Optogenetics refers to the techniques that use a combination of light and genetic engineering to control the activity of a cell. The biggest advantage of these techniques lies in the precise spatio-temporal control, that can be exercised for regulation of expression of a gene of interest. The intrinsic dependence of plants on light for their growth and development, limits the applicability of optogenetics in plants. Efforts made to overcome this limitation and to allow application of optogenetics in plants, led to the discovery of Plant Usable Light-Switch Elements (PULSE). PULSE allows reversible control of gene expression in plants grown under ambient light conditions. The field of optogenetics, opens up a whole new spectra of possibilities in plant science research allowing improved understanding of plant signalling and metabolic processes.

Keywords: Optogenetics; Phytochrome; Photoreceptor; Immunity; PULSE, PAMP.

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