July , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 2

Fisheries News Updates July 2021

Author : Anjali Kumari, Dhanalakshmi. M, Abhijit Mallik, Chanikya Naidu Bezawada, Chellamanimegalai.P, Meenatchi.S, Abuthagir Iburahim. S and Asha T. Landge


ü  MPEDA released India’s fisheries exports performance data for the year 2020-21

ü  Tiny organism wriggles back to life after 24,000 years in Siberian deep freeze

ü  An unprecedented analysis on Global Harmful Algal Blooms launched by IOC

ü  Kerala`s specially-abled Eco Warrior Rajappan, Praised By PM Modi Gets International Honour

ü  Coastal areas in Kerala will witness increasing sea surge in coming years: Experts

ü  Ban ends, yet fishers keep the sea at bay

ü  China interrupts import of frozen seafood from six Indian firms after finding traces of COVID

ü  Nuclear bomb detectors discover a secret population of blue whales hiding in the Indian Ocean

ü  Dr Monique Éloit is re-elected as Director-General of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

ü  `Living fossil` fish may live for up to a century

ü  Sea surge on Kerala coast: Why specialists are calling for nature-based solutions

ü  Officials demolish illegal prawn farms in Bhitarkanika

ü  Tilapia have been linked to an outburst of Streptococcus

ü  Ranked: The top 10 countries that dump the most plastic into the ocean

ü  Images of the bean-shaped formation nearby Kochi coast catalyst theories of an undiscovered island

ü  World trade organization to hold a key meeting of trade ministers on July 15 over fisheries subsidies

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