Apr , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 2

Fisheries News Updates April 2021

Author : Dhanalakshmi.M, Meenatchi S, Abhijit Mallik, Anjali Kumari, Chanikya Naidu Bezawada,Abuthagir Iburahim Sand Asha T. Landge


ü  ICAR-CMFRI commercialized nutraceuticals for use against arthritis, type-2 diabetes and hypertension

ü  CMFRI adjudged as best research institute under ICAR (Sardar Patel Outstanding ICAR institutions award, 2014-19)

ü  Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute picks two sites in Odisha for seaweed cultivation

ü  Ranching & tagging in river Ganga: an initiatives by ICAR-CIFRI for wild fish germplasm restoration

ü  CIBA develops indigenous hatchery tech for high-value commercial fish Grey Mullet

ü  India aims to increase seaweed production to 11.5 lt in five years: Fisheries secretary

ü  Rs 400 Crores investment in Goa to make it fisheries hub `

ü  Aqua connect partners with Indian bank to offer credit for 1.6m fish, shrimp farmers

ü  Daniel Pauly awarded with Beverton Medal by Fisheries Society of the British Isles

ü  Cambodia’s fisheries authority bans short mackerel

ü  L. vannamei brood stock to be imported from U.S

ü  More masks than jellyfish: coronavirus waste ends up in ocean

ü  High CO2 to slow tropical fish move to cooler waters

ü  Sawfish face global extinction unless overfishing is curbed

ü  Family ties explain mysterious social life if coral gobies

ü  Fish diet heats up marine biodiversity hotspot

ü  Blue economy: Focusing on fisheries sector for optimum growth

ü  Jellyfish Blooms in North Kerala Force Fishers to Pause Work

ü  Taking fish out of fish feed can make aquaculture a more sustainable food source

ü  Trawling for trouble: Chinese fishing off Arabian Sea irks Indian fishermen

ü  Seafood fraud on “a vast global scale”

ü  Kitefin shark (Dalatias licha) the largest known luminous vertebrate

ü  Mission to explore genomic diversity of Indian Ocean

ü  Mumbai: Find solution for temporary shifting of fish vendors

ü  Reducing global warming matters for freshwater fish species

ü  UK: Design Graduate Develops Alternative For Single-Use Plastic From Fish Waste, Algae

ü  Fish detectives: the sleuths using ‘e-DNA’ to fight seafood fraud

ü  Altered bioelectric genes give zebrafish wings like flying fish

ü  A novel means to improve lumpfish welfare

ü  This Tiny Fish Can Withstand Almost Anything

ü  Algae attack hits Chilean salmon giant

ü  Scientists push to add “huge” fish trawling emissions to national inventories

ü  Fish farming in Nehru Zoological Park to feed carnivores

ü  Quarter of fish in Hauraki Gulf have microplastics in their guts, study finds

ü  Fish farms in Mediterranean ‘paradise’ blamed for pollution farm

ü  World`s largest cod farmer secures a new site

ü  Shadow fishing in Kashmir

ü  No need to choose between eating fish and saving the ocean, say experts

ü  Zombie fish` declared extinct 20 years ago found living in Aussle lake, conservationists baffled

ü  Biofluorescent fish documented in the Arctic for the first time

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