Mar , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 7

Entrepreneur-led Extension: Concept and Approach

Author : SajeshV.K., Lijo Thomas, Rajeev.P., Maneesha S.R. and Sheeja T.E.


Though Agricultural extension has been bestowed with the important role of developing and sustaining entrepreneurship across agricultural value chains, the role of entrepreneurs in extension and advisory services (EAS) is an area requiring further deliberations to leverage its potential for the welfare of the farming community. Entrepreneurship in EAS essentially involves devising innovative business models that can harness the potential and opportunities in the agri-food value chain thereby enlarging the spectrum of services and end users. However, it differs from other private extension approaches in terms of innovation, technology adoption, motivation, funding, and flexibility. Further policy-level attention is required to streamline the role of entrepreneurs while formulating extension strategies.

Keywords: Entrepreneurs; Extension; Promotion of innovation; Business Incubation

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