Feb , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 2

Vermicomposting: An important tool in organic farming with special interest in soil health management

Author : Pawan Kumar


Vermicompost is an economically viable, environmentally safe and sustainable alternative to the synthetic fertilizers. Vermicomposting process is faster than composting. Vermicompost is an excellent soil additive made up of digested compost having grater amount of plant available nutrients and microbial life and is considered as a good organic manure. Generally, it contains 0.51-1.61% N, 0.19-1.02% P and 0.15-0.73% K which are in higher concentrations as compared to usual organic manures like farmyard manure (FYM). Vermicompost improves porosity, aeration, drainage and water holding capacity of soils. It has been found to have a significant positive effect on quality and productivity in various agronomical as well as horticultural crops. Earthworms are excellent decomposers as they reduce the volume of organic wastes by 40-60%. They consume organic wastes equivalent to their body (0.5-0.6 g) on daily basis. Eisenia foetida, an epigeic species, is best suited for vermicomposting.

Keywords: Vermicompost; compost; fertilizer; earthworm; epigeic

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