Jan , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 8

Tetrameles nudiflora R. Br.: a Lesser Known Gigantic Anti-Cancerous Tree Observed in the Western Ghats of India

Author : Archana, R.


It is a lesser known indigenous tree species that has paleotropic distribution. It is an important tree of the Southeast Asian rain forests used in preparation of various formulations of medicinal importance. The tree species got anti-cancerous property and wood is being used in the making of Canoes and crates. It is the species of choice for regenerating natural reserves since it grows rapidly and it does not require deep soils to establish root system. This species is suitable for gardens for beautification. It has got potential use in pharmaceutical studies with unique feature of anti-cancerous property. Hence, species need to be considered for domestication and understanding other socio-ecological importance using novel genetics and molecular biological tools.

Keywords: Cheeni Maram; dioecious; emergent tree; gigantic; anti-cancerous.

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