Jun , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 1

Snapshot of Agriculture Trade in India

Author : Renjini V. R., Praveen K. V, and Asha Devi S. S.


Over the past six decades, India has witnessed a remarkable transformation in its agriculture sector, emerging as a global leader in the production of various agricultural commodities. The country now stands first in the production of pulses, milk, bananas, and mangoes and second in cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Despite these achievements, India`s presence in the international agricultural market remains modest, with its share hovering around 2 % of global agricultural exports. The nation`s agricultural exports have grown substantially, reaching $46.62 billion in 2022, albeit still overshadowed by import figures. Key challenges such as lack of export competitiveness, trade barriers, and low processing levels hinder India`s ability to capitalize fully on its agricultural potential. The import landscape, dominated by vegetable oils, underscores the need for strategies to enhance domestic production and reduce dependence on imports. Addressing these challenges requires concerted efforts toward enhancing export competitiveness, improving processing levels, and ensuring compliance with international standards.

Keywords: Agricultural Trade, Exports, GAP, India, Trade destinations

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