Mar , 2023, Volume : 4 Article : 4

Seed Priming: A Method to Improve Yields by Soaking Seeds before Sowing

Author : Priyanka Gautam , B. Lal, B. Jyotsana, Shantanu Rakshit, V.K. Yadav,


Efficient seed germination is important for higher crop productivity. Successful establishment of early seedlings indeed requires a rapid and uniform emergence and root growth. For efficient seed germination and better crop seed priming can be a viable option in today’s agriculture. Seed priming is a process of regulating the germination process by managing the temperature and seed moisture content, the seed is taken through the first biochemical processes within the initial stages of germination. The majority of seed treatments are based on seed imbibition allowing the seeds to go through the first reversible stage of germination but do not allow radical protrusion through the seed coat. The seed priming technique not only improves germination process but also can deal with detrimental conditions in fragile lands such as drought, heat, salinity, nutrient and several other environmental stresses.

Keywords: Seed priming, osmopriming, biopriming, hormonal priming

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