Jun , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 5

Prevailing agroforestry systems in Samastipur district of Bihar: A brief report from an exploratory survey

Author : Nongmaithem Raju Singh, Raizada A, Soibam Lanabir Singh, Rajesh Kumar Meena and Ujjwal Kumar


Realizing the importance of information on existing agroforestry systems, this study has been planned with a view to evaluate and develop workable management strategies for sustainable production from agroforestry practices. An exploratory survey was conducted in Samastipur district, Bihar covering four blocks viz, Samastipur, Hasanpur, Kalyanpur and Singhia which revealed that two major types of agroforestry systems namely, agri-horticultural (AH) and agri-silvicultural system (AS) are commonly adopted by farmers of this region. Mango and litchi based agroforestry systems are common under AH system while teak and poplar based system represented major share in AS system. It was also observed that under AS system, most farmers grow trees along their field boundaries or bunds. Further, analysis of soil samples collected from selected system of nearly similar age revealed that poplar + wheat system contained the highest soil organic carbon than other counterparts. By considering the potential of increasing soil organic carbon content and the short rotation period (8-10 years) in poplar based system, this system could be recommended in the region and which will provide quality raw material for wood based industries.

Keywords: agroforestry system, poplar, middle Indo-Gangetic plains, soil organic carbon, litchi

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