Mar , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 1

Powdery Mildew of Neem caused by Pseudoidium azadirachtae

Author : Jayalakshmi K , Ram Dutta, PriyaY. Gawande, Vinay Kumar and Vishal S. Gurav


Medicinal plants can become infected with variety of fungi. Powdery mildew of neem is caused by Pseudoidium azadirachtae, is a serious issue. Powdery mildew grows superficially on foliage, as the name suggests. The powdery growth is made up of mycelium and spores. The pathogen also attacks newly emerged shoots in the spring. P. azadirachtae was identified as the causative fungi based on both macroscopic and microscopic investigation. Weekly application of preventive or therapeutic fungicides can help to manage this disease.  

Keywords: Azadiracta indica; Pseudoidium azadirachtae; Management

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