Jan , 2023, Volume : 4 Article : 3

New Generation Phytohormones: Versatile Roles in Plant Growth Regulation

Author : Rajesh. S and Radhamani. T


Growth and development of plants are influenced by the cross talks of growth regulators, the phytohormones. Due to sessile nature, plants have developed mechanisms to regulate the physiology of growth and adapt to changing external conditions, including stressors, using phytohormones, which includes both classical and next generation phytohormones. A plethora of new generation phytohormones are reported in recent years that have profound influence on regulation of plants with diverse roles from physiological growth and development to alleviating stress responses. An overview of the versatility of these phytohormones is discussed.

Keywords: Brassinosteroids, melatonin, karrikins, phytohormones




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