May , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 5

Nature’s Pharmacy: Unveiling nutritional and medicinal treasures of food

Author : Varanasi Adarsh, Banojini Parida,Prateek Ranjan Behera



Throughout history, mushrooms have played a major role in rituals, mythology, medicine, and nutrition. They are valued as essential dietary supplements due to their exceptional nutritional content, surpassing that of both meat and vegetables. Mushrooms, as a type of fungus, are crucial for ecosystems and highly recommended for their flavour and texture. Nowadays, they are increasingly popular as health-enhancing foods and subjects of medicinal research. Bioactive compounds in various mushroom species offer liver protection, cholesterol reduction, immune modulation, and cancer prevention, and exhibit antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antidiabetic properties. This essay underscores the myriad health benefits of mushrooms, emphasizing their dual role as both food and medicine.

Keywords: Alluring flavour; Disease; Medicinal mushroom; Nutrition; Pharmaceutical

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