May , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 4

Medicinal Mushrooms: A promising frontier in hepatitis treatment

Author : Aditya and Neeraj



Hepatitis, which is liver inflammation, presents a considerable health concern on a global scale, often necessitating treatment with medications that may carry adverse effects. This has stimulated the exploration of alternative therapeutic avenues. In recent years, mushrooms have emerged as a subject of interest due to their perceived health-promoting properties, particularly in supporting liver function. This article explores mushrooms that can be used as a hepatitis treatment option, emphasizing their medicinal and therapeutic properties. It also underscores mushrooms potential as a natural, safer alternative for managing hepatitis. By examining mushroom compounds and their liver-protective effects, it seeks to elucidate their role in hepatitis treatment, offering hope for better outcomes and reduced dependence on conventional medications that may have side effects.

Keywords: Hepatitis; Human health; Liver; Medicinal mushrooms; mycochemicals.

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