Jan , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 6

Hyperammonemia: Causes, Types and Management

Author : Garima Dwivedi, Neeru Bala and Anisha Verma


Hyperammonemia may be an upset defined by associate far more than ammonia unharness in blood. It is caused by many inborn errors of macromolecule metabolism. In milder cases, symptoms area unit inborn reflex, headache, ataxia, irritability, and gait abnormalities, and in higher cases Seizures, brain disorder, coma, and even death will occur. The hyperammonemia patients need to be admitted to a hospital with access to basic metabolic tests, first-line hyperammonemia medications, analysis facilities, and metabolic specialists. The patient should avoid eating red meat and related products. Probiotics, green leafy vegetables with higher dietary fiber, and natural zinc supplements are recommended.

Keywords: Ammonia unharness, brain disorders, blood, ataxia, and inborn dietary fiber.

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