May , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 3

Herbal remedies for bloat in ruminants

Author : Santwana Palai, Arpita Priyadasrshini, Debajyoti Behera


Many nations are now preferring veterinary management of cow herds using ethnoveterinary practices. Certain herbs can be utilized as supplements to increase the efficiency and reduce any negative effects of normal medicaments. Bloat is the excessive buildup of gas in the reticulum and rumen. The accumulation of gas in the rumen can result in foamy bloat and free-gas bloat. The bloaty rumen`s pressure compresses the major blood vessels of the lungs causing difficulty breathing and death. This can be accomplished by inserting a wide-bore trochar and cannula into the rumen. After the discharge of gas, the anti-bloat solution is injected through the cannula into the rumen to aid in the breakdown of the remaining froth and relieve the animal from this painful condition. Surfactants, gastric stimulants, and antihistamines are also used in the bloat of ruminants. In addition, farmers can easily cure ruminant bloat disease with inexpensive and easily accessible herbal medicines such as carminative mixture composed of sweet oil, asafoetida, cardamom, ginger, and caraway, as well as NDDB formulations.

Keywords: caraway seeds; frothy bloat; herbal preparations; surfactants.

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