Feb , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 3

Geographical Indications for Dairy Products of India: A Glimpse

Author : Alagu Niranjan D, Sujeet Kumar Jha and Sanjit Maiti


Geographical Indication (GI) is an Intellectual Property, applicable to products/foods that have originality, uniqueness and reputation linked to the place of origin. Indian GI Act, 1999 offers IPR protection to agricultural, manufactured, natural, handicrafts and foodstuffs which includes dairy products. In the present article, salient features of four dairy products that have received GI recognition and four other products with potential to get such recognition are discussed.  The GI registration also enables higher value realization and thus benefitting the producers and also prevents poor imitation products with questionable claims. Thus registration of Dairy products is for benefit of the community of producers involved in the regular production of such products in demarcated geographical region.

KeyWords: Geographical Indications, Food Stuffs, IPR, Dairy Products.

  1. 02 Jun,2021
    Alagu Niranjan D

    This article is intended to focus on Dairy products which have registered with GI and to impart awareness to the people on Geographical Indications. Hope it serves its purpose well.

  2. 17 Feb,2021
    Shantanu Rakshit

    Very interesting article.