May , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 2

From Pen to Pixel: Exploring Kobo Toolbox as a Modern Approach to Smart Data Collection

Author : Dipjyoti Gangopadhyay, Riya Roy, Kalyan Roy


Serving throughout most of the history of research, manual data collection and management had their way of errors, in addition to being time taking and costly. In the last one or two decades though, the evolution of data collection methods have undergone a transformative shift from traditional pen-and-paper to modern digital tools, due to their inherent advantages of enhanced efficiency, improved accuracy, and bolstered data security. Among the array of digital tools, Kobo Toolbox has emerged as a prominent choice for researchers due to its intuitive interface and customizable features. This article intends to explore how Kobo Toolbox, as an open-source platform, is reshaping data collection and management processes. Kobo Toolbox, through its user-friendly interface and adaptable functionalities such as diverse range of question types, offline data collection, cloud-based data hosting and data visualizations, is streamlining data collection workflows, enabling researchers to gather, store, and analyse data with unprecedented ease and efficiency. While it is free and easy to use, it also suffers from the backlash of lack of available customizations, technical support and lesser storage space. By embracing digital tools like Kobo Toolbox, researchers can navigate the complexities of data collection in the digital age with greater agility and effectiveness. The goal of this article is to illuminate the transformative potential of digital data collection tools, positioning Kobo Toolbox as a pivotal instrument in advancing research practices and driving meaningful insights.

Keywords: Data security; Digital data collection; Efficiency; Kobo Toolbox and Research practices.

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