May , 2023, Volume : 4 Article : 1

Fisheries Current Affairs May 2023

Author : Keisham Geenita, Vishal M, Abuthagir Iburahim. S, R. Bharathi Rathinam, Chanikya BN , Kamil Akamed1, and Asha T. Landge1


International News Highlights

       The European Union`s collaboration with fishing lobbies is harming Indian Ocean Tuna population.

       Scientists film the deepest fish ever caught on the seafloor off the coast of Japan.

       A new startup is making waves in the food industry by serving up the world`s first lab-grown fish filets.

       Scientists create Robot Fish with fins which may help in underwater exploration.

       Women who fish are happier and healthier, according to a case study.

       Bangladesh bans suckermouth catfish in light of threats to native fish species.

       Aquaculture with floating solar technology: Norway.

       Proposal for first ocean fish farm : East Coast off New England.

       Deepest ever fish recorded, at the depth of below 8000 meters

 National News

       An incident using a fishing net has hampered ONGC`s KG field commissioning efforts.

       Trawl (By-Catch) fishery improvement project in Maharashtra and Goa.

       Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan puts emphasis on modernizing the fishing industry.

       U.P.’s first fish repository comes up in Lucknow (NBFGR).

       Maintaining the conservation of deep sea fish is crucial and must not be neglected.

       Sustainable fishing sorely needed to save sharks off India’s coastline.

       Formalin In Fish: Assam fishery department asks four institutes to conduct inquiry.

       New edible freshwater fish is reported from Kolab river.

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