Jan , 2023, Volume : 4 Article : 2

Fisheries Current Affairs January 2023

Author : Kamil Akamad D, Vidhya.V, Chanikya B Naidu, Vishal.M, Abuthagir Iburahim.S, Asha T Landge


National News Highlights

      System for Continuous Monitoring of Marine Water Quality

      Open sea cage fish farming to be introduced in Tirunelveli district

      FSSAI re-operationalises norms limiting formaldehyde in fish

      Stakeholders in A.P. to benefit from two technologies developed by CIFT for sustainable fishing and fish processing

      India stood all time high in fish production in year 2021-2022.

      India’s Inland fish production as high as expected in the year 2021-22

      The biggest turnover in the seafood sector of India

      India’s contribution to the global fish production is raised to 8%

      FFPO, now everywhere in the country

      The goal of PMMSY by the year 2025

      India have new disease diagnostic centres

      Frozen shrimp is all time major export item from decades

      CIBA signed MOU with mumbai enterprise for efficieny testing of frozen zooplankton

      ICAR-CIBA achieved successful captive breeding of Goldlined seabream fish (Rhabdosargus sarba) for the first time in India

      MPEDA introduced new e-commerce platform for the benefit of aqua farmers

      Commercialization of Technology for CIFE-ARGUNIL as medicated feed against fish lice (Argulus)

      Technology for Fish Vaccines against Bacterial Diseases, Edwardsillosis and Columnaris

      Tilapia restaurant - A new startup to make identity of  locally farmed products

      CMFRI’s Cadalmin LivCure extract to combat fatty liver to hit market soon

International News Highlights

      Recommendation of a UN Panel on the Great Barrier Reef

      Longest cylindrical aquarium burst in Berlin city; contains million litres of water and 1,500 Fish

      California’s endangered salmon population plummets amid new threat

      Stranded Dolphins Show Signs of Alzheimer`s Disease in Their Brains

      Hammerhead shark nursery discovered off Galapagos Islands

      Scientists freeze Great Barrier Reef coral in world-first trial

      Hundreds of teeth found in mysterious shark graveyard in Indian Ocean, pics surface


      Manatee relative dugongs, 700 new species now facing extinction

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