Jun , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 12

Farmer Producer Organizations: A Boon for Hill Farmers

Author : Gaurav Papnai, Pankaj Nautiyal, Renu Jethi, Neeraj Joshi and Varun Supyal


Farming in hills is very difficult due to various reasons viz. small landholdings, lack of input availability, low productivity and production, shortage of labor, lack of post-harvest management, pitiable marketing linkages, and networks as well as lack of entrepreneurship skills. These problems become more promising due to the practice of one-man farming, lack of support, and difficult geographical conditions which hinders the profitability of their venture. The formation of farmers’ producer organizations can institutionalize those farmers to get benefit of group farming and get rid of their day-to-day problems related to farming. FPO has the capacity to generate a sense of social as well as financial security amongst the hill farmers.

Keywords: Farmers’ producer organization (FPO), Group Farming, Hills, Market, Producer


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  1. 29 Jun,2021
    Anirban Mukherjee

    Producer companies are very efficient in providing marketing support to small and marginal farmers. Through Producers company farmers of India has got strength in the market. This article has rightly shown how hill farmers are getting benefitted out of FPO. Very good case study.