Jan , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 6

Enhancing Wheat Resilience: Strategies for Mitigating Moisture Stress

Author : Anannya Dhar, Saikat Dey and Sukamal Sarkar


Wheat, the most important rabi crop of the country significantly suffers from moisture stress. Due to climate change, the incidence of drought has increased. Symptoms of moisture stress involve morphological deformity and reduction in grain yield and quality. Morphological, physiological, and biochemical changes are recorded during deficit moisture in soil. The initiation of Crown root is the most water-sensitive stage in wheat. Amelioration of drought stress is thus very important to enhance productivity which may be achieved by agronomic measures, biotechnological approaches, and utilization of phytohormones and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria. This popular article sums up the effect of moisture scarcity on wheat growth and its mitigation strategies.

Keywords: Drought stress; climate change; yield loss; agronomic management; drought resistance.

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