Jun , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 7

Dynamics of coral symbiosis and immune response against abiotic and biotic stress

Author : Jancy Robina A, Bharathi Rathinam R, Sangeetha S, and Abuthagir Iburahim S


Coral reef ecosystem constitutes one of the largest ecosystems of the world harboring several micro-communities of algal and bacterial symbionts. From a historical point of view, coral reefs emerge as the most resilient and persistent community surviving several events of apocalypse in the past. Till date, coral reefs are facing several challenges ranging from climate breakdown to disease outbreaks. Climate breakdown, as a result of several anthropogenic activities, has taken a toll on the survival trends of coral reefs and continues to pose a challenge to the very existence of the entity. In addition to this, several diseases have also been identified and characterized from the coral reefs that transpire as a result of the compromised immune system. Evidently, the immune system of the corals is well developed ensuring the survival and resilience of the coral reef community. Several studies have been performed to understand the dynamics of the immune system, however, several components and key players of the immune mechanism are not well elucidated so far. This article outlines the elegance of symbiosis dynamics and the various components of the immune response against abiotic and biotic stress that have been identified in the corals along with the chronological characterization of the immunological cascade. This article has also recognized several knowledge gaps in terms of complete profiling of the immune system components, concomitant existence strategy of the coral host along with Meta microbiome, and understanding of the evolution of survival strategies of the coral reef community.

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