Jun , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 2

Diet Enrichment: The Vital Role of Small Pelagic Fishes

Author : Meenu B, Parvathy U, Anokhi Chandrababu K, Sarika K


Small pelagic fishes (SPF) are essential marine resources rich in nutrients. Still, they face challenges including seasonal availability, post-harvest losses due to their perishable nature, and sensory issues such as the distinctive "fishy" odour and taste, which may deter consumers. Despite their abundance, SPF are often underutilized and processed into fish meal and oil rather than consumed directly. This study examines both the advantages and challenges associated with SPF-based food fortification. Benefits include their nutritional richness and affordability. However, challenges include seasonal availability, price volatility, lower market value, sensory acceptability issues, storage instability, and complex supply chain management. Understanding these complexities is vital for successfully integrating SPF into fortified foods and catering to health-conscious consumers` needs.

Keywords:  Food fortification, Instant food, Small Pelagic Fishes, Sustainability

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