Jun , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 10

Coral Gardening: A novel technique to manage and conserve the degraded coral habitat

Author : Suman Nama and Sahina Akter


Coral is the most spectacular underwater creation of nature. Aquarium enthusiasts are overexploiting the corals for aquarium. They use live rock, corals, and associated products to enhance marine aquaria`s aesthetics value. These products have got a vast international market. The coral reef provides us immense ecological and economic services. Nevertheless, the coral`s reef habitat throughout the globe is degraded due to anthropogenic and natural threats. Therefore, many countries adopt novel techniques called coral gardening coral aquaculture. This technique is an easy and economical method to perform in remote places to restore coral reef habitat. If proper management techniques are considered, this novel technique can be used for large-scale coral farming.

Keywords: Aquarium, anthropogenic, aesthetics value, habitat


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