Aug , 2023, Volume : 4 Article : 7

Biotechnology for Biodiversity Conservation: An Insight into Recent Approaches in the Field of Agriculture

Author : Tuward J. Dweh, and Jyoti Prakash Sahoo


Biodiversity conservation is a term used to describe the management of species whereas biotechnology is a multidisciplinary field that utilizes biological systems to create different products. The threats to biodiversity are multifaceted originating from both natural and anthropogenic phenomena. To recover and conserve biodiversity and promote sustainable development bio-techniques are used as promising tools, especially in the field of agriculture. Its principles offer significant and more innovative methods. The development of plant biotechnology has allowed for the use of in vitro culture methods for the collection, multiplication, and short- and long-term preservation of plant biodiversity. Especially for non-orthodox seed and vegetatively propagated plants of temperate and tropical origin, substantial success has been achieved in the conservation of endangered, ornamental, medicinal, and forest species. Plant material may be rapidly multiplied and produced using cell and tissue culture procedures while yet maintaining sterile conditions. The number of plant species with established and verified cryopreservation procedures on a wide variety of genetically modified accessions is rising constantly. This article is aimed at exploring how bio techniques have been used as game changers in agricultural sectors in recent years.


Keywords: Biodiversity, Biotechnology, Conservation, Agriculture

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    Mr Ansu R Dorley

    To every hard work there’s a great reward,. Hence, such reward comes, with high results. Nevertheless, the sky is your limit junior brother and Author Dweh. Keep up the hard work! 02/09/23