Feb , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 5

Backyard Marine Ornamental Fish Rearing RAS Technology

Author : S Ramkumar, Akash J S, Punam A K, Vaibhav D M, Umesh H R, Vaibhav T and V Venkatesan


Backyard marine ornamental fish rearing RAS technology is a low-cost recirculatory aquaculture system for rearing marine ornamental fish at home. It is designed to promote the rearing of marine ornamental fish even at home, thereby creating an additional source of income for households, especially women. These techniques will certainly increase the demand in the domestic ornamental fish market for marine fish for their lucrative colours. As India has the largest domestic market potential for these resources, if these marine ornamental fish are made available to hobbyists year-round at a cheap rate, they will certainly utilise this potential. The Mumbai Regional Station of ICAR-CMFRI has designed this low-cost RAS technology in keeping with the national strategy of doubling farmers’ income by utilising the domestic ornamental fish market potential as an additional source of income for households.

Keywords: Backyard aquaculture; Marine ornamental fish; RAS

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