Jan , 2024, Volume : 5 Article : 2

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Agriculture: A Game-Changer for Sustainable Farming

Author : Hemanth S, Manoj S H, Basavaraj A Dodmani and Uday Kiran M


With the global population projected to exceed nine billion by 2050, a 70% increase in agricultural production is imperative to meet the growing demand. However, only 10% of this boost can be achieved through available unused lands, emphasizing the need for technological solutions to enhance farming efficiency. Current strategies for intensifying agricultural production often demand high energy inputs and the production of high-quality food. Factors like labour scarcity, rising cultivation costs and unpredictable yields due to diseases and climatic variations pose challenges for farmers. Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a solution by enabling smart farming practices, utilizing data gathered from government sources and real-time monitoring through IoT. As urbanization reduces the rural workforce, the future of farming will rely on technology, merging biology and technological skills for sustainable and efficient agriculture.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence; Precision farming; Internet of Things; Drone technology; Agricultural innovation

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