Jun , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 6

Alleopathic potential and medicinal uses of Agropyron repens in Cold Arid Ladakh

Author : Raghuvanshi MS, Anurag Saxena, Stanzin Landol, JigmatStanzin, Latika Pandey, Mohd Raza


Agropyron repens is native from temperate Europe to Central Asia and is now documented in Ladakh valleys. It is a weedy species in crops, locally known as Rampa in Ladakh, and is one of the major weeds, spoiling the crop and its yield parameters. Reduced tillage encourages its growth pattern and this weed significantly reduces crop yield. Its allelopathic potential has also been observed in potatoes. On the other side, it is being considered as good palatable fodder but not enough to feed the animals under a barren ecosystem. In Buddhism, its root and rhizome are used in holy rituals for incense. However, it is used traditionally as medicine for curing many human-related health problems. As it has pharmacological action as a soothing mild diuretic, demulcent, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and for calming pain and spasm in the urinary tract. It is also used as demulcent and tonic.


Keywords: Agropyron repens, medicinal uses, cold arid, allelopathy

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