Jun , 2021, Volume : 2 Article : 4

11 plants to purify home air

Author : Rakesh Kumar Pattnaik and Smaranika Mohanty


The COVID pandemic makes us helpless, people facing many more problems but one of the major problems is oxygen! Lack of the oxygen cylinder is one of the major problem by which India is facing high death rates. There are some plants, which have high efficiency in producing oxygen but in different quantities & it also help in purifying the air. Some of the plants produce oxygen whole day and night and some of them can produce only for a few hours. Oxygen is produced by the absorption of carbon dioxide, in the presence of sunlight: But some plants have the capability to absorb other harmful gases too and produce oxygen for many hours. Hence, if we go for planting these oxygen producing plants then it can be used to fight the current oxygen crisis facing COVID-19 patients in our country. This article contains top oxygen producing plants and their role to purify our environment.

Keywords: COVID-19, Air purifying plants, Oxygen releasing plants, Harmful gases

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